Our Prestigious Projects

Over the years, our lead technician has worked on a variety of high-profile and prestigious projects, with a 7-year stint in London,United Kingdom seeing him perform industrial cleaning work on the Wind Turbines and window cleaning and installation on many Signages and Tower Building & Maintenance. Locally, our project manager is one of the technicians behind the installation & Building of many Stadiums including the Green Point Stadium, which has become a major tourist and adventure attraction in the city of Cape Town since 2010 World Cup which was hosted locally.

Today, Rope Access Abseiling Specialists continues to serve a variety of high-profile clients in the retail, commercial and industrial sectors.



Rope Access Abseiling Specialists Pty Ltd (RAAS) was founded and established in 2015 and is a provider of Rope Access Services Onshore & Offshore,Construction and Building Services & Re-Furbishments / Restorations,Tower building ,Painting and Restorations and related equipment to clients within the OIL & GAS Industry, communication, transmission, utilities and other commercial industries. The company has an enviable reputation for timeously delivering high quality products to various customers and destinations in South Africa and other Nations mostly located in the Southern Africa Regions where our other Branches are located.

Rope Access Abseiling Specialists Pty Ltd (RAAS) is not just a Rope Access Services Provider & Construction Company;But we are a dedicated team striving to bring growth to our community. Our core values drive everything we do. Incorporating our existing core values in our daily work, and making them an integral part of our corporate culture, is key to our future success.


Rope Access Abseiling Specialists Pty Ltd (RAAS) aims to:

  1. Maintain its reputation as being “a leading supplier of choice” whilst  improving service and quality standards
  2. Provide customers with innovative solutions and services
  3. Build strategic “partnering” relationships with its clients and suppliers so as to provide long-term and mutually beneficial outcomes to all stakeholders
  4. Increase its market share for the provision of its products to prospective customers on the continent(s).


Rope Access Abseiling Specialists Pty Ltd (RAAS) is committed to building long term relationships based on integrity, performance, value and client satisfaction.

Our mission:

  1. To undertake the Rope Access Services Onshore & Offshore,Construction and Building Services & Refurbishments / Restorations,Tower building ,Painting and Restorations and related equipment to clients within the OIL & GAS Industry, communication, transmission, utilities,other commercial industries and Telecommunications Turnkey Business Solutions with a focus on becoming the cost leadership while excellence in every aspect is recognized to meet customers’ stringent requirements regarding quality, on-time delivery, safety and environmental concerns.
  2. To develop an effective management policy that stresses productivity, perpetual development of the organization, and instilling work ethics in all personnel.

    Increased Value:

    Our core values are honesty, integrity and respect for people. The Rope Access Abseiling Specialists Pty Ltd (RAAS) General Business Principles, Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics help everyone at Rope Access Abseiling Specialists to act in line with these values and comply with all relevant Legislation and Regulations.-An open relationship with our employees based on mutual trust, respect and success

    -Transparency, Accountability and Discipline in our business
    -Uncompromising commitment to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment
    -Best in class Risk Awareness
    -Integrity in all we do

    Health and Safety:
    We ensure that everyone in our business recognizes the importance of high quality, health and safety and environmental standards and that this is driven by innovation and continuous improvement. With dedicated Health and Safety staff and practices in place for work environments as exacting as London underground and nuclear.

    However, we firmly believe that at the heart of safety is positive culture, with everyone working together and taking responsibility.

    When research on-site would be costly because of remoteness or difficulty of access, Rope Access Abseiling Specialists Pty Ltd (RAAS) carries out a ‘remote inspection’, which is an additional check to avoid on-site issues.

    -We also trial fit or erect all new designs at our facility.
    -We believe in delivering a project, any time, in any environment for the benefit of our clients, employees and the community we serve
    -We believe that honesty and integrity shall be instilled in every job
    -We believe our employees are our best asset, working hard every day to complete each job with quality workmanship, attention to detail and pride.


Rope Access
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Our Services:

The services offered by Rope Access Abseiling Specialists encompass a vast spectrum of construction, maintenance, installation and cleaning work, from painting, concrete repair, waterproofing, bird proofing, safety lines and general repair to interior and exterior cleaning and the installation (or removal) of signage, banners, branding, lighting and Christmas decorations.

We expertly perform the services necessary to keep high-rise apartments, offices, residential properties, silos and all buildings of all sizes and shapes safe, functional and visually impressive. No job is too complex or too small for our rope access technicians!

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