Silo Cleaning & Maintenance

Silo Cleaning & Maintenance

The specially trained team here at Ascend Rope Access Abseiling Specialists provides the comprehensive cleaning, maintenance and repair services silos, hoppers, tanks, bins, filters and ancillary equipment require in order to stay in peak condition. Using industrial rope access, we’re able to access all areas of silos, leaving them clean and at optimum working condition. We can also tailor our solutions to meet the needs of all kinds of silos and storage facilities.

Rope Access Abseiling Specialists Silo Cleaning

Over time, silos accumulate debris, dust and stubborn residues from the organic materials they are used to store. They can also fall victim to more immediate and serious problems, such as insect infestations and fungal growths, which need to be eliminated in a timely fashion.

Using our dynamic safety equipment and specialized cleaning agents, our rope access team can get into the silos, remove any and all debris and eliminate tough organic residues. We do this by performing a thorough steam cleaning on all internal and external surfaces. Our team will also be sure to deal swiftly and decisively with any fungal growths and insect infestations so that the storage space can immediately be put back to work.

Rope Access Abseiling Specialists Maintenance & Repair

We offer our clients an efficient and cost-effective solution for damaged, defected and deteriorated silos and other storage structures that require maintenance, repairs, and specialised coatings. Whether the construction material in question is concrete, steel or fibreglass (or anything else), we are trained and have the necessary equipment and expertise to provide clients with comprehensive silo cleaning and repair solutions.

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To find out more about our silo cleaning and repair services or to speak to us about your project, contact us directly at +27 83 519 5934 or email: Rope Access Abseiling Specialists is based in Cape Town but we travel Nationwide and we have branches in Johannesburg,Durban,Botswana,Namibia,Zimbabwe,Mozambique to cater to the needs of our clients.

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